Design & Art Direction

Adidas Tango


Adidas Tango

Creators Club is the ultimate place for football creators.
A place to get rated, get better and get famous.
An engagement cycle of perpetual improvement.

Role — Design Director
Agency — Possible London
Client — Adidas Football
Year — 2017-2018


This isn’t a social network. It’s the connective tissue between social networks and all of adidas’ football initiatives, making sure that everything adidas does naturally builds up to a greater goal, engaging football creators and the wider audience.

We wanted to create an app that will challenge users, help them get better and ultimately become famous within the football community.

Four main areas of the app are:
Feed, place where users will get customized content to their preferences.
Game, collection of weekly or bi-weekly published challenges from the Tango Squad FC.
Profile, user card will be his ultimate badge of honour and his identity within the community.
Tango, section where users will be able to create their reams see all league informations, game schedules etc.

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I was responsible for creative concept, idea, art direction of the app, trophies and challenge videos.
After pitch and initial stage, project has been further developed by Possible Budapest.


Executive Creative Director – Pablo Marques
Lead UX – Pontus Persson & Joe Robinson
Designer – Liam Thomas
3D Artist – Airton Groba
Business Director – Von Branton