Design & Art Direction

Aston Martin Timeless

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 Aston Martin Timeless

Timeless is the only Aston Martin certified programme featuring a wide range of pre-owned Aston Martins up to 10 years of age.

Role – Senior Designer 
Agency – Possible London
Client – Aston Martin
Year – 2016


Pitch proposition for Aston Martin Timeless.
Timeless is a certified pre-owned cars programme, yet it’s pre-owned not always means “used” and “cheap” especially when talking about cars costing more than £150.000.

The idea was to create a multi-device and multi-platform experience, giving customers opportunity to search for their dreamed car through chatbot built-in to the website, as well as Facebook or Alexa.

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Executive Creative Director — Pablo Marques
Head of Design — Dennis Christensen
Creative Technology Director — Stuart Thorne
UX Lead — Pontus Persson
Designer — Liam Thomas