Design & Art Direction

Hugo Scentagraphics

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HUGO Scentagraphics

In the digital world of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter,
every elements of our lives is captured, visualised and shared.

Except one: Scent. 

Role – Senior Designer 
Agency – Grey London
Client – Hugo Boss
Year – 2015 


Back in 2015 I was working closely with Creatives from Grey London to help them realise vision project for Hugo Boss called Scentagraphics.

Merging the worlds of technology and fashion, a ground breaking piece of technology made it possible to capture and visualise a fragrance.

My task was to come up with an Art Direction how we could visualise Hugo Boss scent, distinguishing a range of variants from coolness, spiciness, warmth and floral notes.

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Unfortunately the campaign had to be pulled for reasons beyond the agency's and client's control.

Creative Director — Leroyson Figueira
Creative — Johanna de Mornay Davies