Design & Art Direction



Various projects 13 – 18

Collection of various client and personal projects, explorations
and pitch work that never saw light of the day.

Role – Art director / Designer 
Agency / Clients – Various
Year – 2013-2018


Sometimes not everything I do ends up seeing daily light.
Or not necessarily in a shape as I’d love to see it.
Or it’s so old that looks weird keeping it our there.
Or it’s too small but I’m still happy with a result.

This is a collection of all above options for pitch work, work in progress, unused pieces, smaller clients or personal explorations.

Image 01-min.jpg
Image 02-1-min.jpg
Image 02-2-min.jpg
Image 04-min.jpg
Image 05-2-min.jpg
Image 06-min.jpg
Image 08-1-min.jpg
Image 08-2-min.jpg